Michigan Needs to Invest in Lead-Abatement


The Synder administration has received a large amount of pressure from constituents to increase the lead-abatement initiative in Michigan. A study conducted by the University of Michigan reported that lead poisoning of children cost $330 million annually. Children exposed to lead has shown large medical expenses and health and behavioral effects that are typically irreversible. If the state of Michigan increased funding for lead-abatement the state would eventually earn back what was spent on lead-abatement within three years. To view the whole article, please follow the link: http://www.ecocenter.org/newsletters/ecolink/study-finds-lead-abatement-sound-investment-michigan

The Detroit Training Center offers lead abatement courses to assist with the large and necessary lead-abatement initiative. We are licensed to teach the Worker (24hr), Supervisor (32hr), and Supervisor Refresher (8hr) courses, as well as the EPA Lead Renovator Course (8hr). Contact the administrative office at (313) 221-5876 to enroll today.