Expect to see more women managers on construction jobs

It is no secret that women are lacking a major role in the field of construction. However, there has been an increase in the amount of women holding managerial positions in the field, as well as an increase in the amount of women participating in construction/technical schools.

Dianna Barrella, a construction manager at Turner Construction in Shelton, discusses the initial intimidation she had felt when first starting her career. Although Barrella believes the field of construction is progressing, and more women are present, there is still an apparent struggle for women to gain respect by their male peers.

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Mary Jean Rebeiro, president and CEO of NY Conn in Danbury, also discusses her challenges of entering the construction field, and the necessity she felt to prove herself to her male counterparts. Rebeiro and Richard Cavallaro, principal of Bullard-Havens Regional Vocational Technical School, both suggest that women are gaining the confidence needed to tear down the gender barriers; however, they will need the encouragement to do so. Women need the success stories of other women in order to visualize their potential in this field.

To begin the encouragement process, Rebeiro’s company has been reaching out to young girls to provide them with the resources and information to begin a career in construction. Providing them with this initial inspiration and female success story, it will reinforce the initiative and will also assist in the fruition of women’s greater participation in the field.

The Detroit Training Center (DTC) is currently working on efforts to implement a Women in Construction and Landscaping course. The DTC is a member of the National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC) and is avidly working to increase women’s role in construction. More information regarding DTC’s Women in Construction and Landscaping course will be posted to our website when it is completed.

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