Demolition Program Will Create Jobs

4,000 homes are currently scheduled for demolition within the city of Detroit.  Federal funds from the Troubled Asset Relief Program have been slated for the demolition of these homes in the amount of $52 million for Detroit and the surrounding area.  This blight elimination program is the first of its kind in the nation.  The demolition program aims to increase property values for those living among blighted properties.  The program also aims to increase safety and investment by existing property owners.  Whether such goals can be reached will remain to be seen until the program is well underway.  Demolition companies bidding for demolition work will be looking for laborers trained in various aspects of demolition and deconstruction.  That means real work for residents of Metro Detroit.

See the Demolition Map created by Data Driven Detroit: DEMOLITION MAP


Each home demolition is expected to cost $8,000 – $25,000.  The demolition of each home is capped at $25,000.  Much of the cost is tied up in the management of hazardous materials such as lead paint and asbestos insulation.  Such materials must be handled with care to minimize environmental contamination on site, within the surrounding neighborhood and the site of material disposal. demolition Some groups, such as Recycle Detroit, are trying to salvage some of the materials within these homes.  It can be quite difficult to salvage any materials from these homes, but any materials can be sold at construction salvage warehouses, keeping those materials out of the landfill.


Laborers will need to be trained in asbestos abatement, heavy equipment, lead awareness and lead renovation.  They will also need OSHA Safety Training in order to safely handle job-site hazards.  With these certifications, potential laborers can be in a good position for employment far above minimum wage.  Companies who win the demolition bids with the city will continually need skilled labor as the project progresses. Our goal is to get as many local Detroit residents trained and hired, able to compete with others in surrounding communities.  Demolition will be an on-going process in Detroit as the city continues to manage the loss of its population.  Hopefully the demolition project will stimulate further investment in neighborhoods as Detroit moves forward.