Course Facts:

Course Duration: 8 Hours

License Fees: $25 for Workers, $50 for Supervisors

Testing Fees: $75 for both

Lead Professional Certification Refresher Application

Lead Abatement Supervisor / Worker Refresher

The Michigan Lead Abatement Act of 1998 requires certification of individuals engaged in lead-based paint activities in the state of Michigan. Certification is valid for three years, with an annual maintenance fee. Prior to the end of each three year period, a certification in good standing may be renewed by successful completion of an appropriate refresher course and third party exam. Upon successful completion of the exam, a State of Michigan lead certification card will be issued to you. An individual is eligible to take the certification exam no more than three times within six months after receiving a course completion certificate.

Course Outline:

This Lead Abatement Supervisor refresher training provides information on lead-based paint abatement and regulatory guidelines. This course meets EPA’s training requirements for those individuals that will plan and/or oversee lead abatement work. A certified Supervisor can perform all of the duties that a Worker can. In addition, a Supervisor is responsible for occupant safety during the abatement process and for writing the abatement plan. The course focuses on essential abatement procedures including site preparation, contract planning, project management, abatement implementation and record-keeping.

Certifications: Supervisor certifications are valid for three years. An annual certification fee is required by March 31st of each year to keep up-to-date, but no additional training or testing is needed.