Asbestos Abatement Contractor / Supervisor Initial Course

This class prepares students for work in the Asbestos Abatement industry. In depth lecture material will include Asbestos history, health effects and exposure, legal, insurance, pre-work activities and considerations, worker safety, and key terminology. The hands on segment includes preparation of the work area, decontamination, negative pressure containment, airborne fibers, glove bagging techniques, scaffolding and ladder safety. Students receive respirator, respirator fit test, hard hat, and an abatement knife. Certificate of Completion is forwarded to State of Michigan for licensing.

Course Facts:

Course Duration: 40 Hours

License Fees: $50 to State of Michigan

Testing Fees: Included with Course

Must be 18 and up to take this course

State of Michigan Application

Course Outline Students enrolled in this course will receive the following materials necessary to complete the training: Asbestos Abatement Student Training Manual, Respirator, Abatement Knife

Certification/License Requirements Must be 18 years or older, Valid ID, and be able to pass Asbestos Physical Exam